My Path

My path is an eclectic earth based one, think: trees, land, sea, sky and greenery. I do my best to look up at full moon and nod to the silver lady in the sky, I do my best to observe the 8 festivals of the year.  But I will not lie, often with life, time whizzes by and a time and date have been and gone.  In my own way I observe and connect to nature, sharing what I see and create where I can. If just one person stops to look at a bird flying by, notices a flower in bloom or glances up to see the moon because of something I have shared or said, then my work is done :)

Wytch? Yes. Raised a hedgewytch, I have also studied to Druid grade with OBOD  and currently studying with the British Druid Order along with various Shamanic studies over the years too. In everything, I return to nature.  What is around me. What can I see or hear? What clues or signs are to be found? For that reason, I enjoy working with texts by Glennie Kindred and Rae Beth, and  find that nature will answer, challenge or present to you what is needed at that moment - if only you take a moment to look.
Using my knowledge I often create amulets, medicine bundles, meditation and fae guardians for individuals walking a similar path. I also regularly work with various divination tools and offer readings.

Since 2007 I have also been a practitioner of NLP, hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy (TM) and Reiki. 

If you would like to find out more, then please contact me using the link above.