Monday, April 2, 2018

April 2018

So, after many glitches with trying out Wordpress I have come back to my blogger site here.  A selection of posts have been added in the previous post.
April is here, it is Bank Holiday, it has been raining... the wood anemones, celandines, primroses and daffodils are out.  Buds are appearing and some fresh green leaves too.  Yet randomly, 'Up North' snow is currently falling?! I wonder what this month will hold in store for everyone?

Posts from wordpress xxxx

Wytchy Window Feb 28

Sat looking out of wytchy window. Again. How many of us have taken to watching the sky to work out the weather this week?
I spend hours looking out of this window at the best of times.  Each detail I know.  The signs of each plant, an indicator to the season.  The birds that visit too, this week the pheasant has graced us with his presence…   I even know the trees on the distant  horizon, I ran past the fir tree on Monday. I know its shape, a kind of distorted Christmas tree clearly visible from here. I know the feel of the trunk too, parts of it broken away over the years.  Sat here in the warm, my twig from the branch that fell from it a year ago frames the swaying treetop out there in the cold distance.
For my little part of Kent. Still no snow. The wind is growing stronger, the temperature become cruel and piercing.
Grey clouds pass by. In the distance as I type a tinge of red above ‘my’ fir tree on the horizon.  A bright yellow shard punctuates the sky too. Then a sudden plummet to inky blue and back to blue skies.  A magpie fights the breeze to land in the sycamore in the field.
This beast from the east is so far very elusive.  The tantalising promise of a syrian snow day …
20minutes up the road they are battling snow.  No buses are running. Further afield some schools are enjoying day 2 of being closed.
I will remain a bit longer, daydreaming out my wytchy window.


Saturday Afternoon Ponderings Feb 24th

This last week I have been setting up my various social media accounts, blog and shop and so on.  I have been diligently exploring some fabulous online resources to help.  I totally get what some are helpfully showing, demonstrating and suggesting. But… if I spent my time doing, x, y, z and the other long lists of to do items, when do I actually get time to create, make or paint? When do I spend time with my children.  When do I get a life?
One word – OVERWHELM
I am only small scale, and yes some strategies will help later on.  But for now, mt task this week is  – I AM GOING TO MAKE AND CREATE. I have a journal full of ideas and never ‘get around’ to them well now I am.  Afterall, what is the point of doing all the marketing side if there is nothing to offer?
So what has helped?
I have found Emily over on Makelight really useful, and highly recommend.  Looking at my accounts this week they are now #makelightspringclean – ed and all show and say the same thing finally! I have also made some new creative friends online too.  I have also learnt that when you look at my accounts, I have not been sharing what it is I make or create – must try harder at this one! Again, get that journal of ideas into real visible hands on items at last.
There is also the guilt factor.  I spent a few evenings watching online live classes, activities and seminars.  For me, evening is time with my children. During the day I have other things I should be doing.  When is there a right time?  Bad mother! Oh my, I then discovered Ray Dodd, she ticks all the boxes for me! Not only is she local to me, I LOVE her insta stories and her approach, go have a watch here.
So.  For now.  Less being bogged down to the computer ‘stuff’ and more just getting the creative flow happening again and sharing what I do.  All in good time.  All in good time.

It's Simples Really Feb 21st

Last year on Valentine’s day  I found the above hagstones  on Dover beach, see my original post over  Instagram.   This in itself is not unusual. Last year I shared 28 of these pendants worldwide.   I always take a photo of where I find hagstones as  often turning them into pendants I include images with the listing and what was going on at the time; I like to include the story behind a piece. With the pendants above  I shared an image of Dover Harbour with the breakwater (see here).  A lady from Australia ‘M’ spotted the pendant to the left along with the photo of the harbour; she had grown up in Folkestone and used to visit the beach at Dover in the 1960s with her Aunt.  M messaged me saying how she and her Aunt would throw pebbles in the sea and as a treat would enjoy a strawberry ice-cream afterwards before getting the train home. M had forgotten about this until spotting the pendant for sale in my shop, her memories came flooding back and once it arrived she shared with me a photo of them in almost the same spot with the breakwater visible in both images albeit 50 or so years apart.   Through ill health travel back to the UK had not been possible since the 1980s, but through the pendant she has a physical touchstone that she treasures.
So why am I blogging about this today? Well, I was wearing my hagstone pendant  earlier and it was commented by someone I do not know how ‘simple’ it was and there are lots on the beaches here… it’s ‘funny’ what people will buy…   There were a few awkward looks by other people and I was quite hurt.  But, on reflection I thank them for their feedback,  it reminded me of why I love sharing my makes, why I am getting back to doing what I love and what happened just over a year ago.
For me as an artist, creating something and then bringing joy to someone is just magical.  I also gained a wonderful friend and we talk frequently – thank you for letting me share your story above M! Whether it is a hagstone pendant, a felted Goddess or one of my tree prints or paintings, it is so much more than a ‘simple’ creation.   Behind it there is a story, a process and that is before you reach the minefield or selling and marketing online! With all the awful things going on in this world, and the bitchyness,  if you can bring some joy to other people, that can’t be a bad thing!

It’s Simples Really. Be creative. Make someone smile.



Monday Vibes Feb 19th

Life is a journey, so put on your wellies, jump in puddles and explore what’s out there…


Not so Silent Sunday 18th Feb


I usually do #silentsunday but today warrants wordage. For the first time since October walking outside meant no jacket, minimal mud AND we managed to get right round the perimeter of the big field. Result!  Clearly the fox and badger family have been active at the furthest side of the field, large holes mark out their spring cleaning and you could lose a child down some of the holes… fear not, child 2 did survive and returned home with me as you can see here 😉 Maybe this year we will be lucky enough to see foxcubs again?
The first bee and butterfly were spotted from the kitchen sink, and the usual buzzards and tonnes of seagulls too. Am I safe saying yes Spring is here… Sitting in #wytchywindow (aka perched behind the freezer using child 1’s laptop) I can see snowdrop clusters- despite the chickens attempts to eat them, the zephyr rose has fresh leaves ready to explode, daffodil buds are ready-ing and the constant sway of nextdoors birch tree is alerting everything that it is time to wake up.  In the far distance (Father Ted moment – near… far way… I digress sorry!)  the local landrover guru is busily working on his defender, all is well in the world this Sunday.