Friday, September 22, 2017

Autumn Equinox xxxx


Bright Blessings to all /l\
At this time and season, the day and night are equal.  
All in balance,
From today the nights will draw in darker and the season will change.
The first day of Autumn is here.  
The conkers are falling.
The hedgerows heave with rosehips, haws, sloes and blackberries to name but a few. 
The leaves are turning hues of red, rust and gold. 
The fields are ploughed.
The harvest well and truly gathered. 
Warming bonfires fill the air as gardens are being cleared and tended ready for winter. 

A fresh cycle begins. 

Changes are afoot. 
Even here in my tiny village behind the little boxes we call home and out in the woods and fields, it is all change at every level.  

And so too my blogging.  
I have half inched the use of a laptop that works. Writing on a phone is no fun! The reliance on Instagram for the image and few words, no longer enough. Click here for my Instagram

The earth land connection as I walk outside cannot be ignored anymore as autumn arrives. It makes me want to write. The dew in the morning covering my landrover, a quick pattern scribbled into it before I clear it. It makes me want to draw. A balance must be made.

Too long dormant. 
Time to write and create...

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hedgerow foraging x

Ahem... slow gin update a few years later x

Back in September 2015 I blogged about making sloe  gin See post here

Today I finally decanted it into bottles! Must work harder at remembering things lol

See, it's not just my blog that gets forgotten ;) Must try harder!